Friday, May 14, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sometimes silence is not golden

Hi there,

Its been a while since i wrote my blog.. Well was busy with home and work.. Today i had to express myself as if idont then certain sections of journalists will continue talking nonsense about others just because they think they have the power of pen...

There is a article on Ipl post party today in midday paper where they have reported the 30th march 2010 ipl party details.. Its by this shweta shiware or on that page only this journo name printed.. First of all the whole article in negative light , starts from her bitching about the venue to entrance to walking on slope..Listen noone forced her to come and if she did move her mighty self there then atleast beappreciative of the hosts instead of talking nonsense.. She took a direct attack at me which bothered me as to who the hell this woman thinks herself to be... Some frustrated wannabe who herself came to mumbai to become an actress and is reduced to doing a mere job of a journo and dying in envy everyday looking at the life she cant afford.. As only this can explain her downmarket approach..

She calls my Wendell rodricks outfit , a synthetic dress bought from a oshiwara boutique... Sorry i guess there is where you shop darling) as i dont... She calls my silver neckpeice a complete faux pass well she the picture again or you yourself have passed from some fashion institute to judge designer fashion... NO dear your attitude of yellow journalism sucks completely.. You dont like me as an actor fine but who gave you the right to call me wannabe and starlet....??????

Guess you need to go to my imdb page and check out my films done and reality show i participated in...Sorry i dont have a Salman khan boyfriend who recommends me everywhere and i get films in a language which i cant even speak or dance...I come from a middle class family and my journey is MINE...So dont even get personal again with me or then it will be WAR..As i am not some uneducated idiot who is desperate but a computer engineer who knows what she is doing...
And you mentioned about me holding a glass then you could have also come and smelled the contents ... Because i dont drink in work area so dont try to portray a picture of me which you must be doing as your writeup shows you must be having high levels of alcohol in your system when writing that stupid article..

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

new years

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NDTV Raaz Pichle janam ka

My Experience during the NDTV Raaz pichle janam ka participation...

Well i have always wondered why i am not so close with my dad as i am with my mom and brother.. Why do i get overtly possessive or say dependent in my relationships or friendships with men.. I am a very confident actor and human being in all my dealings in my life but somewhere where it comes to basic relationships or just picking up the phone to speak to my father i feel very lost and insecure..I guess i had realised to keep these feelings to myself as everyone has some or the other drawback in life or say weakness in better words..

I still remember i never had a simple icecream outing with my dad or the fact he just smiled and spent time with me without scolding us.. I felt he always discouraged me and always put my ambitions in life on a back burner.. I hail from a middle class family but as a child i always aimed big and had a inner desire to excel in whatever i did like my studies , sprinting or mere participation of a fashion show.. I still remember that before my 12th board exams my physics , chemistry and biology professors had come home to wish me luck conveying to my father that they expect me getting distinction grades.. However my dad said he would be happy if i got 50-60 % .. When i heard this i broke down and fought with him that 'why do you always underestimate me? '

So such was my childhood where striving for excellence was not taught by my father and i yearned for it from the bottom of my heart...The desire to prove was so much that i came to mumbai by myself to pursue what i believed in.. My mom always supported me but somewhere i did not have my dad to depend on or cry on his shoulders.. I refuse to believe that he hated me or my brother as that would be challenging the basic love of parents for there own kin but yes there was something amiss..I chose to forget it and get on with the basic cycle of moving up in my career as an actor.. But somewhere the void was continuiously there as my friendship with men also got a bit claustrophobic with time and my dependence to look for a father figure..

when i saw the promos of this show i was intrigued but a bit skceptical about the honesty and reality of it all.. When i was offered participation ,it seemed like an answer to my prayers to understand my The Only sensitive issue of my life...

I participated and it felt wonderful like winning a battle or solving the most tedious questionnaire ... I was a BOY in my past birth and i had a life which went through a certain kind of betrayal that did explain my rapport with my father and generally men...I would like to share more but that would spoil the curiosity related to the show and i would not wanna do that.. So when this episode is aired in december you will get to hear my side of story relating to the truthfulness of past life karmas...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'mr and mrs sharma'

well hello everyone ,

Its been long since i wrote..I just finished shooting for a thriller series for sahara one channel which anubhav sinha is producing and its called 'mr and mrs sharma'.. The show has me picking up lot of naunces from myself which everyone saw in my appearance in reality series BIGG BOSS season 2 last year..I get murdered here and the series is based on finding my thriller..

Also i celebrated rakhi with my brother who is visiting me and he gave me a lovely Hugo boss kit...well i had been taking his trip for the gift :) I also shot for my internet downloads for globosport and the new pictures should go online pretty soon..They are pretty hot..
Hope you guys checked me out in FHM magazine july issue 2009.. And from august I am the Agony Aunt for MAXIM magazine :)

Well one more thing i wanna share with you is the precautions v need to take to protect ourselves from Swine flu.. Guess its getting serious in India so lets just be careful ..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday :)

hello everyone ,

Hope you guys in mumbai are enjoying the rains.. well i agree my writing has not been pretty regular but just been caught up with too many things.. Yesterday the news of MJ's death shook us all as he was just 50 years old and planning a comeback tour 'this is it' from july 13th in london..But life had its own plan for him and it was such a sad news as now the Peter Pan of Pop music is no more their.. For me it was also a sad news though am not such a great fan of music but MJ was someone with whom everyone related and was aware off..Reports say excessive use of 'demerol' the painkiller that he used , all i say that sometimes inorder to maintain an image v go haywire and that is what needs to be controlled..Life is too precious and if v dont have that then whats the point of all this fame and success...May his soul rest in peace..

In terms of what i have doing is this week had to visit a ngo called 'jeevan dhara' where drug addicts and alcoholics are treated free of cost and I got to see the struggle that these people go through ..Life is not so easy and v think v have all the problems :) Some of these guys had been clean for years but were still finding difficulty in getting jobs for themselves or acceptance back from their family members... This is sad as v wanted them to change and when these addicts do become clean v dont have the guts to accept them.. This is another example of hypocrite Indian Society and v should seriously do something about this..

June 26th is the 'world anti drug ' day and i had lost a friend prieti in college to this addiction so I get pretty close to this cause as it rakes up past memories..But life had its own way of teaching us lessons and v should thank God that v get to learn something from it..

I think v should all do something for these people in whatever way v shelter, job or emotional support as these people need it all...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Delhi trip

hi :)
its summer time and i am just back from delhi.. Had been visiting the capital for Grihalaxmi kitty party event and Times Food guide and nightlife awards 2008 function.. It was great fun as women were chatting up with me about my reality show appearance and how they loved me in it and so were children.. Infact had small children come up with flowers to woo me :)
Their was some Aajtak journo who addressed me as item girl and i took her case , well its been 3 years since i did my item song in corporate , so why type cast me??? She was a woman herself so seemed odd for her attitude..
All in all good experience of my trip but the heat man is maddening..I heard it rained yesterday so feel happy for the delhities :)
Also went out partying with some of my friends at a nightclub in delhi called nasha during my stay ...Rocked after really long:)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

hello 1982

hi everyone,

Been crazily in work meetings and narrations.. Have closed one film -bollywood as the leading lady and talks are on for a cross over film..But just waiting for my character graph their as i am not interested in doing blink-an-miss roles :)

Made an work appearance for launch TIMES Food Guide magazine in Ahmedabad...It was fun meeting up my family again...Also went for the inaguration of 'The Regale' by Tunga hotels yesterday in mumbai.. Good place to hang out if you have missed your flight:) as it is located in andheri east...
Its really hot these days in mumbai and v all are experiencing global warming , so v need to do something about it..

And yes not to forget v need to cast our vote ...Please for better INDIA v need to make an effect towards working towards it..

And i love the Congress party , no controversies :) Just that rahul gandhi and priyanka gandhi are a breathe of fresh air..

And lastly am in my mid twenties so guys stopping going crazy writing blogs about my age...
Go get a life...(for those who have written blogs about my age)

Monday, March 9, 2009

back to work

Good morning everyone,

My family left yesterday for ahmedabad.. Suddenly home seems so quiet and i miss them immensely.. But i need to get back to work too .. So here i am back ..

Wish me luck now :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Big hello

hello everyone,

hope all great with all of you.. had a hectic week with good things and bad things happening..My brother operation went well and i sincerely thank god for it..i thank my doctors too who have been so kind ..

Now the bad news is that my car met with an accident and got badly smashed, i was in it but am fine now.. have a couple of bruises on my leg , elbow at present.. so this has been my week..

Even attended the 54th idea filmfare awards on saturday to present - the best visual effects award with Imitiaz ali sir ... It was a rocking evening and a very well organised show..

And i should tell you i was mermisied by shahid's dance at awards.. great it was!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

hi everyone,

am a bit low today, i have to get my brother operated next week for his back surgery and am worried about it..i guess i love him too much and the pressure is catching up..would want all of you to pray for his speedy recovery.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maxim shoot

hello everyone,

hope all great.. I just shot for Maxim magazine with Darren and it turned out great.. The pictures were so amazing that i wonder if it was me :)
The concept was sexy but very stylished..Darren is a great photographer...

My mom and brother visiting me soon as i have to get my brother treated here in mumbai.. Guess going to be away for a while with family now...

take care

Friday, January 23, 2009

gitanjali luxury style fest day 3 jan 2009

hey ,

just walked the ramp after my modeling days for gitanjali luxury style fest on its 3rd day.. quite fun and exciting it felt..was the showstopper for their gili brand of jewellery...

Monday, January 19, 2009

official website

hi guys and gals,

am been so busy running around with family and work that could not write to you earlier..Happy new year to all..

had mentioned about my brother's back problem so was busy visiting doctors.. things seem to get controlled now.. also i launched my official website via globosport digital and i presume my fans will love to interact with me directly there , download my exclusive images , themes , ringback tones in my own voice...

Also shot for Comedy Circus -chinkopli to china as their celebrity guest enacting a comedy skit for the first time there.. It was fun , hope you guys like it too.. Very thankful to shekar suman sir and archanaji for saying such kind words to me..God bless...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

my sunday

hi guys,

its a lovely sunday and i am loving the peace and serenity in my before i performed at indian telly awards and as soon as my performance got over i headed for home , i guess i am still scared about the terror attacks mumbai went through and i feel safe only at fact its a irony that my mom , my biggest critic has still not been able to see my last release Dil kabaddi as i had forbidden her to go to the theatres back home in ahmedabad..i guess when you see something like 26/11 only thing that matters to one is family..

My younger brother has got a swelling in his lower back putting him to complete bed rest for a month as thus making my family a bit hyper.. but doc says he is tall and sometimes it happens.. he was planning to give his mba entrance exams during this i guess i trust my God to look after me and my family as sometimes everything that he plans is the way life is..

and i am enjoying my new life as a single meeting all my old friends and catching up with them but not in 5 stars for sure:)