Friday, June 15, 2007



was too tied up last few days.. kathak riyaaz started so loving the feel of pain again.. in fact went for a FOOD AWARD function to hilton towers on 9th june 2007 .. had to present an award for ALL VEGETARIAN category.. it was being in the page 3 mumbai circle after ages, i guess felt very awkward, but that's work.. got to sit next to director TANUJA CHANDRA and what a wonderful person she is.. i was on time for the function and so was she , got time to chat and i suggested that she visit this site when free for my work updates as i am very keen to work with a WOMAN DIRECTOR..

after giving the award i left immediately as was feeling sleepy and wanted to be back HOME.. profusely thanked MR. VINEET JAIN for giving me this opportunity and left..

in fact going through certain work changes , POSITIVE by God's grace so very preoccupied too.. i read somewhere ' SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO MOVE OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE ' -well i just am trying implement this..

mom is a sweetheart , i just have to call her and she will try all her means to try solving my problem...)

but i feel GR8 from within , my dance gives me a better lookout towards life..