Thursday, July 31, 2008

My friend

hey its my 100th post,, and i just felt like writing today..
its about my friend..
V had gone to Shirdi few days back , Shani mandir and Tribakeshwar..

He gets so happy with my interviews and news of my upcoming film that it feels great to feel that feeling..he was my friend 6 years back and now still he is my best friend and i guess me his..

the best thing is that v both want each other to be successful independent of each other and also together ..

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


hi guys,

all great my end.. My home renovation mostly done,, looking great.. lots of things happening in my life so its been difficult writing but in all time's good..Am very happy...
But what's bothering me is the bomb blasts in gujarat as my family stays in Ahmedabad and this news is constantly worrying me.. I so dont understand this game of terrorism ...
Pray God takes care of all of us..