Sunday, October 19, 2008

my experience in big boss

hi everyone,
Am very glad that am out from big boss at this stage as i had stayed enough in the house.. Their were people from different backgrounds and sensibilities and it was difficult for me to continue living their personally anymore.. But on a positive professional note am very thankful to Bigg Boss for giving me that kind of visibility and popularity which none of my film has given me till now..

Regarding all conterversies surrounding me ,
1. sambhavna was in fact the most abusive person on the show which everyone saw from day one.. she and ishaan ji would write my name on floor and kick it on show which i guess everyone saw, she did nominate me initially also on show..So why this hue and cry about me nominating her but all is fair as its was a game for me. My calling her 'downmarket' one day was when i had reached my saturation and patience levels with her and i could not take her nonsense anymore but this was blown out of proportion for whatever reasons on show.. All i say it was a game show but v are real people with different ways of thinking and different saturation levels..I tolerated her enough but when i could not i reacted.. I regret nothing but from where i am coming from i even apologised for my one statement to someone who used to abuse everyday on the show to everyone..

2. Regarding me being called 'fake' all i want to say that everyone knew they are on national tv , me just being honest in expressing it..I made sure i looked good and dressed well as i have been in the industry for sometime and gone through my own grooming so when am on such a popular tv show then why should i look like a maid..:)

i never do makeup in the night as that would spoil my skin, but i looked after my skin and hair to maximum levels as v were in an extreme physical shooting condition and my skin is very sensitive and prone to allergy fast.. i dont find anything wrong in it as afterall am the face in front of camera..

3. Regarding my ' transformation' all i can say is that i went through various emotional ups and downs (inspite of knowing that am on camera:) like everyone else did ) so that's as simple as that..

i never ' backstabbed' anyone like pooja ji said as all of the contestants were my competitors from day one and not my 'best friends'.. it was a game and i did nominate whom i could with my own reasoning and if that reasoning was wrong it would not have been accepted by BIGG BOSS himself during the nomination process..Only rahul mahajan i considered my friend as i know him from 7 years so i maintained my loyalty towards him and he towards me in terms of our friendship.

4. yes i do feel pooja was being difficult with me on my 'aakri salam' but i dont want to take this issue beyond this as maybe she was just doing her job. But yes i was hurt no doubt with her behaviour towards me which i felt was biased..

5. regarding monica all i can say is who is she to talk about my dignity on making my second entry on this show again when she herself was (no comments )

6. regarding my relation with rahul all i can say is that v have been friends for long so v took the liberty of fighting and doing masti with each other on the show..i am a very emotional person and was very sensitive about his nominations whenever they happened as i wish well for him.. But my personal equation with him other than this is our personal matter which is none of anyone's business..

I am very serious about my career and have struggled enough to reach this position without any support system so I value my work and family above anything..

6..My personal apologies to anyone whom i might have hurt intentionally or unintentionally on BIGG BOSS show as it was a game show after all..For me the game show is over as i am back to my films and family..

7. My personal thanks to BIGG BOSS for giving me the opportunity to get this kind of popularity and visibility which has already acted as a catalsyst in my bollywood career starting with BEST ACTRESS award which was given to me on the last evening of this show for my acting in the play where all contestants had acted..

thank you

god bless everyone

lots of love
payal rohatgi