Thursday, November 8, 2007


Hi.... been a long time since i wrote.. well just been busy with travel and you know suddenly when things move fast its best to go with the flow...

i feel better with DHOL release now, my work out lets say sort of modified good work out,,now its upto my filmmakers to cast me further as i think my cleaning up act done.. also now i need to just work and be away from media ,, faced it too much for visibility related to DHOL , infact i think to last me few months..:)

i want to sign another big banner film now in LEAD role ,,, that is what that's going to excite me , make me work hard again,, maybe inspire me...lot of work people coming and approaching,,infact all great , touchwood..

my family visiting me for Diwali so will be getting emotionally sorted also now.. wish all of you too a very happy diwali and a great new year