Saturday, June 7, 2008


hi everyone ,,
its again been a while since i got to the computer, but life is on a different tangent these days,, its fun and maybe i am liking going with this flow for a change..its started raining in mumbai and its refreshing.. my film opposite irfan khan titled DIL KABADDI and its taken over by Studio 18 and has a september 5th release..
lot of other things happening as home going through complete renovation ..
Family was here for a month , mom , naniji and i honestly took good care of and boyfriend planning a Goa trip soon ... Well the word boyfriend sounds funny to me too but am frankly not thinking right now,,, just liking this phase.. lets see how long it lasts..:)
i spoke to my dad again and it was casual..
in all being grateful to god but yes v all go through changes at some point of our lives -- good and bad and i guess understanding that is the essence of life...

take care and enjoy the rains and romance in air..:)
love you