Thursday, May 17, 2007


so here i was now faced with working on my looks and sort out my clothes as it was in a mess.. i realised though being a part of a big banner does not tak care of everything ,as an ACTOR i need to understand what looks good on me and what does not.. i learnt saying NO.. i am the face in front of the camera , and trust me noone asks why this is wrong or that, all that matters is the end result which is ME.. i have to look good and deliver..

i got rid of my entire wardrobe and met up with this lady designer VIOLET MONIS who worked on my look honestly i admit.. one year since this process started i think i am much sorted now..
but still long way to go,,, growth is a never ending process...

lets see how critics and audiences react to PRIYAN sir film DHOL.. i think i look good ,, made best choices of options available regarding makeup,hair, clothes with my learning of 1 year and yes experience of my director whom i profusely THANK for this role.. its a nice role , mild yet i think got shades to it..


well i started off quite well in big banner bollywood setup in films like YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI, PLAN, RAKTH...i got even nominated with IRFAN KHAN in category of STARDUST NEGATIVE NEW TALENT AWARD for my debut film YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI.. i was lost in the other multi-starrers that i did.. i had to make my surname famous..) so got adviced to do small films where i could showcase my talent.. but i was not told that these filmmakers were not bothered about their talent, would release the film badly as they never cared about their brand..and their is a difference between a small film made by MAHESH BHATT camp or RAM GOPAL VERMA sir and the makers i worked with..

whats the point of a great script when none of the educated people who could get inspired by it, not watch it as the film gets promoted as a sex flick..but i must admit all of these past films gave me my brand, made my surname famous though in a way different from what i imagined..)
through that 1 year i realised i did not come from the same sensibilities as these people and prayed to GOD pls do somethingas i was not happy.. i decided to consciously cut myself off from the world other than work dealings, stopped having a personal social life as i did not want to be ridiculed by anyone, not that i could blame them as i did the work that made them have that opinion about me..only WORK mattered..

next came a call from MUKTA arts banner for a important role in 36 CHINA TOWN , not the main lead but a sort of second lead opposite PARESH RAWALJI.. i agreed as i was confident about my acting.. it took a year in filming.. then came a call from MADHUR BHANDARKAR sir for CORPORATE film song, and i jumped..

i knew the song was a HIT from the day i heard it and i knew madhur sir would promote it well.. and yes it remained on the music charts 2006 for quite a long time..but i had to work on my DANCE as show inquiries started coming in with my BRAND getting more clearer and upmarket..

i started taking KATHAK lessons and started enjoying my space..these films got released and though i did not get critisized for my work none of the critics appreciated it also.. people whose advice i could trust told me acting was decent but need to sort out my LOOK.. was too hard if i wanted to be A grade lead actress..


well i believe in GOD and that HE has a plan for me.. i started from nowhere to think of, with 10000 rupees to leave ahmedabad where i was brought up my entire childhood to come to mumbai post MISS INDIA paegent.. no one to tell me the difference between good work and not -so- good work, all advicing me according to their benefits or fee commissions.. trust me have done a lot of work and the experience that i have achieved is amazing and i sincerely THANK all who were involved to get me whatever work they could as i believe human intentions are always good..
I always feel need to continue working , being in front of the camera as that's what brings a smile to my face.. but the not-so-good work is taking its time to wear off.. maybe it has 60%, but still this last 40% is taking its toll on me.. you know an actor needs to act , its like a medicine but i guess GOD wants me to take it a bit easy now.. i know he has great plans to make me busy 24*7 soon..
i went to HARIDWAR one day..stayed in a nice place and went to see the 16 diya AARTI that happens on the ghats of ganga mata in the evenings..i wore a simple salwar-kurti with duppata covering my head .. just did not want any undue attention .. i stood in one corner watching this magnificient scene when a small girl pointed a finger at me saying i was PAYAL ROHATGI from 36 CHINA TOWN.. i smiled - that was the power of a BIG BANNER BOLLYWOOD film..
and that resolved my decision that I will be seen only in big setups..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


so many instances of work people who meet me want me to change my name as they all feel that i am completely different from my earlier image ... but i feel did rekhaji or mumtazji change their names after their make so why should i .. am proud to have started from nowhere with no famous surname or backing of any kind..i think my name reflects my journey and now the beginning of a new innings for me in this profession.. i hope by GOD's grace to make this name more famous....)


well am very close to my naniji.. she is not very much aware of the distinguished directors of bollywood.. but on one occassion she was watching dvd of BHAGAMBHAG at home and she loved the film.. she told my mom that i need to work a director like that..
i thought what a coincidence as i told my naniji that yes i am working with the same director PRIYAN SIR and have a release after 1 year nearly.. and am part of a proper comedy film for the first time.. i hope i can hold my ground as am bit scared now as i know the film matters to me and my career a lot..
though 36 CHINA TOWN and CORPORATE got me into the A plus league as an actor my look and the clothes that i wore was under criticism by all.. i hope this film sorts this out as have worked a lot on my natural healthy look required generally for an actress.
people who have seen the rushes say that am looking fresher and lovely..) but i am waiting for the family verdict and audiences...


well for me this year starts with the release of PRIYADARSHAN film DHOL produced by PERCEPT PICTURE company..
it my release after nearly 1 year gap post CORPORATE..
the film co stars tushar kapoor, sharman joshi, kunal kemmu, and tanushree dutta..
i learned latin dance for my role in this film is of a cabaret singer.. but my introduction song does have more of facial expressions as per my director's vision..but one thing i must admit these classes made me comfortable with the idea of dancing with heels..
i cant say much about my role as it is a comedy film and our story is the hero but am very thankful to priyan sir for giving me this role as at this point in my career i needed something like this..
about my acting and my looks let the critics decide,, but i hope they look at my work with open vision as their views do matter to being accepted in the industry ...

ABOUT 2006 from ....

The sensuous Payal Rohatgi is learning the traditional Indian dance form of JAIPUR gharana Kathak nowadays.
Payal says she got the idea to learn Kathak while she was shooting for the song ‘O Sikander’ for Madhur Bhandarkar ’s movie Corporate in which she plays a marginal role of an actress.“When I did the song for ‘Corporate’, I realised how flexible one had to be. I want to look and work the best in whatever I do, so decided to take up kathak classes,” Payal is quoted as saying. she says its better to work on myself rather than doing work that I am not happy with. Payal has it clear she wants to do roles more substantial than the ones that require her to merely flaunt her anatomical assets. she says that when you do glamorous role also but in a A grade setup the director knows how to portray you and you can trust him as he has his name too to risk.. you learn from your past and that’s my frame of mind now..
In 36 China Town A Murder Story...and our sexy babe Payal Rohatgi played "Gracy" in 36 China Town along with other stars like Shahid Kapur, Kareena Kapoor, etc.
She is busy these days travelling for shows performing on hit ‘o sikanker ‘ song from CORPORATE and ‘aashiqui’ song from 36 CHINA TOWN.


The sex siren who redefined the limits of skin exposure in Bollywood films is now a changed girl. Payal Rohatgi has moved beyond and is eager to carve a little niche of her own in the tinsel town. To this end, she has already begun working in some projects made by reputed production houses. Payal rohatgi was seen last in a second lead role in Subhash Ghai production 36 China Town . After that, Payal was seen in a song and dance important role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Corporate .To top it all, Payal was seen in a commercial that featured her alongside none other than megastar Amitabh Bachchan . The ad is for a battery brand and was directed by Pradeep Sarkar, the director of Parineeta .Payal says what matters the most to her now is whether her role in a movie has substance or not. Also her director and setup. I want to work and associate myself with good cinema only. The rest is secondary.


PAYAL ROHATGI has shot an commercial with amitabh bachchan sir for Everready battery which was directed by PRADEEP SARKAR..she felt it to be an honour to work with the superstar at such an early stage of her career..
She found Amitabh ji to be such a humble person and a great co star, he would made her feel comfortable in his presence..this was her second advertisement with dada (pradeep sarkar) .. her first advertisement was for DABUR with VIRENDRA SEHWAG being starred opposite her..
Payal is wishing dada cast her in his films too as she knows she will be portrayed really well by him.


SHOWS in 2006:

Performed on ‘o sikander ‘song from her film CORPORATE, and ‘aashiqui’ song from her film 36 CHINA TOWN in Delhi at Radisson hotel on 1-9-06 for Pushpanjali constructions launch.

Performed on ‘o sikander ‘song from her film CORPORATE, and ‘aashiqui’ song from her film 36 CHINA TOWN in pune for magna publication sister magazine-citadel, which had organized Mr/Miss pune on 20-8-06.

Performed at times property show at Mumbai on 07-10-06 for times utsav.

Performed at Calcutta for durga puja event at Nicco Park on 01-10-06.



YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI – Producer- Harry Baweja, Director – Hansal Mehta.
PLAN – Producer – white feather films, Director – Hriday Shetty.
RAKHT- Producer – popcorn motion pictures, Director – Mahesh manjrekar.
POLICE FORCE – Producer- Kulbhushan Gupta, Director – Dilip Shukla. Only Song.
36 CHINA TOWN – Producer- Mukta arts, Director- Abass Mustan.
CORPORATE – Producer-Percept Picture Company, Director- Madhur Bhandarkar.

PAYAL ROHATGI has acted in these films in lead roles..


Link 1 :

Link 2 :


PAYAL ROHATGI performed KELVINATOR GR8 award function 2007 with an act with GULSHAN GROVER.. she was elated to be a part of BETI movement - a move against female foeticide...
in april payal will be travelled to Abu Dhabi to play cricket with her pakistanis counterparts for a cause to raise funds for DEA which is a leading organisation in spreading awareness about DIABETES..

she has lost her mamaji to this disease years back and is happy organisations like these are working on this issue..
the match took place on 6th april 2007.


PAYAL ROHATGI is born on 9th november,1982 in hyderabad.. her mother's name is veena rohatgi and father's name is shashank rohatgi..she has a brother gaurav rohatgi..
she was brought up in a middle class family and grew up in ahmedabad in gujarat, india..
her mom is a teacher by profession and dad a chemical engineer.. she herself is a computer engineer from L.D. institute of engineering, ahmedabad..

she has done her schooling from UDGAM school , drive-in-area, ahmedabad..
she was a very bright student academically and always got distinction in her merits.. she even stood 9th in GUJARAT school HSC board exams ..
well she loved academics but felt the spark missing in her life.. so when she came to mumbai for the first time as a MISS INDIA participant she loved the whole buzz surrounding the paegent..
she as a child has always been much to herself, never had loads of friends but is very fond of her mom..she still believes her mom is her best friend..
' mom has taught me to work hard in life and that hard work never goes waste.. my mom works very hard even now and my aim is to pamper her now.. and i am trying to get more settled in my career.. ' - says payal..
she was very close to her nanaji and believes he taught her that everything perceived in one's life with honest intentions can be attained..
her brother gaurav whoms she loves to call ' CHOTA' is her life..