Wednesday, May 16, 2007


well am very close to my naniji.. she is not very much aware of the distinguished directors of bollywood.. but on one occassion she was watching dvd of BHAGAMBHAG at home and she loved the film.. she told my mom that i need to work a director like that..
i thought what a coincidence as i told my naniji that yes i am working with the same director PRIYAN SIR and have a release after 1 year nearly.. and am part of a proper comedy film for the first time.. i hope i can hold my ground as am bit scared now as i know the film matters to me and my career a lot..
though 36 CHINA TOWN and CORPORATE got me into the A plus league as an actor my look and the clothes that i wore was under criticism by all.. i hope this film sorts this out as have worked a lot on my natural healthy look required generally for an actress.
people who have seen the rushes say that am looking fresher and lovely..) but i am waiting for the family verdict and audiences...

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