Thursday, May 17, 2007


well i started off quite well in big banner bollywood setup in films like YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI, PLAN, RAKTH...i got even nominated with IRFAN KHAN in category of STARDUST NEGATIVE NEW TALENT AWARD for my debut film YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI.. i was lost in the other multi-starrers that i did.. i had to make my surname famous..) so got adviced to do small films where i could showcase my talent.. but i was not told that these filmmakers were not bothered about their talent, would release the film badly as they never cared about their brand..and their is a difference between a small film made by MAHESH BHATT camp or RAM GOPAL VERMA sir and the makers i worked with..

whats the point of a great script when none of the educated people who could get inspired by it, not watch it as the film gets promoted as a sex flick..but i must admit all of these past films gave me my brand, made my surname famous though in a way different from what i imagined..)
through that 1 year i realised i did not come from the same sensibilities as these people and prayed to GOD pls do somethingas i was not happy.. i decided to consciously cut myself off from the world other than work dealings, stopped having a personal social life as i did not want to be ridiculed by anyone, not that i could blame them as i did the work that made them have that opinion about me..only WORK mattered..

next came a call from MUKTA arts banner for a important role in 36 CHINA TOWN , not the main lead but a sort of second lead opposite PARESH RAWALJI.. i agreed as i was confident about my acting.. it took a year in filming.. then came a call from MADHUR BHANDARKAR sir for CORPORATE film song, and i jumped..

i knew the song was a HIT from the day i heard it and i knew madhur sir would promote it well.. and yes it remained on the music charts 2006 for quite a long time..but i had to work on my DANCE as show inquiries started coming in with my BRAND getting more clearer and upmarket..

i started taking KATHAK lessons and started enjoying my space..these films got released and though i did not get critisized for my work none of the critics appreciated it also.. people whose advice i could trust told me acting was decent but need to sort out my LOOK.. was too hard if i wanted to be A grade lead actress..

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