Wednesday, May 16, 2007


so many instances of work people who meet me want me to change my name as they all feel that i am completely different from my earlier image ... but i feel did rekhaji or mumtazji change their names after their make so why should i .. am proud to have started from nowhere with no famous surname or backing of any kind..i think my name reflects my journey and now the beginning of a new innings for me in this profession.. i hope by GOD's grace to make this name more famous....)


SP said...

Beta Payal, We r very very proud of u , Without any Godfather u have made it to the most challanging industry , I still remember u as kid , and now u have grown into a very beautiful lady, Just few months when i met u , i told myself wow our payal is not only physically beautiful but has heart of gold too........Beta wishing u all the success and may our sai Baba always shower his blessings on u always ..... Remember what he says IF U LOOK UP TO ME I WILL LOOK AFTER U -Shraddha and Saburi .Lots of love always-- Aunty Harsha -Chicago

ravindra said...

I am sure the name Payal will become the most talked about one in showbiz one day. You are the most beautiful and every action suggests high level of intelligence. You represent all of us out there.