Friday, March 7, 2008


hi been a while since i wrote...sorry was busy shooting this awesome film which i will tell you after my 2nd schedule... getting filmy:)
completed my 1st schedule and my director and co stars who much experienced than me happy with my work..
Things seem changing as i have stopped asking for good work,, am good at my job so now they need to call.. No hurry no rush..But calls for good work coming in more frequency now.. Just this one film on floor .. lets see where else i may close soon..
feel like going out these days but no not in this city... dont have friends also anymore.. lets see will take a vacation soon after this coming during Holi to see me.. I just love her and her sincerity in loving me...
Also got a call from my brother today morning that in some paper i was referred as Item girl...well cant change everyone's thought process about me and niether does a publicist help...I need my work as an actor to speak more.. , Corporate Film song got me lot of publicity ,,,, in the similar way Dhol role did not as an actor..But my showreel looking much better now :)
am a player of long run dear and slowly but steadily it getting better...

wanna fall in love but nothing worth my while:):)
take care
payal rohatgi