Friday, May 25, 2007


when i say I LOVE YOU nani , she blushes and smiles but does not repeat it,, after much cajoling says SAME TO YOU BETA... that's my nani..
she is happy when i am , i can feel it .. and i get up with that fantastic enthusiasm that each new day has for me.. am travelling for a SHOW on sunday so busy with rehearsals..
i love the buzz of a live performance but nothing beats being in front of the camera.. that black round thing is my BEST FRIEND.. i am missing it..
have to go now as have to leave for an important work meeting .. i hope the director decides to work with me as he portrays his heroines beautifully.. i can close my eyes and just obey his commands..wish for me that i suit the vision he has imagined for his female lead..


hi sorry been busy for few days.. family in town and busy with my meetings.. in fact the idea of a human being in my home 24*7 makes me feel too good to believe it true.. nani is adorable.. she is just like a child, wanting more attention than I demand.. i just love the innonence on her face mixed with the experience life has given her- loss of her husband and 3 son's, yet she is managing life in her own way..

i look at her and again message my director's whom i wish to work with, she has become MY inspiration..

in fact all is good and positive from the people i wanna work with , all appreciating my efforts singlehandely .. but you know reward would be when they all start working with me too.. IT WILL HAPPEN, IT HAS TOO.. the process has started and doing all the right things now,,,

apart from that i feel a divine power guiding me in all my decisions - like this blog too, a friend of mine from college told me and here i am sharing my views, my life with all of YOU directly...

i have been remembering my nana a lot these past few days, just sometimes you want to linger on past memories, he never saw my MUMBAI house and life , he would have been really proud of what life has made me ACHIEVE as i was his PET granddaughter...)