Friday, May 25, 2007


when i say I LOVE YOU nani , she blushes and smiles but does not repeat it,, after much cajoling says SAME TO YOU BETA... that's my nani..
she is happy when i am , i can feel it .. and i get up with that fantastic enthusiasm that each new day has for me.. am travelling for a SHOW on sunday so busy with rehearsals..
i love the buzz of a live performance but nothing beats being in front of the camera.. that black round thing is my BEST FRIEND.. i am missing it..
have to go now as have to leave for an important work meeting .. i hope the director decides to work with me as he portrays his heroines beautifully.. i can close my eyes and just obey his commands..wish for me that i suit the vision he has imagined for his female lead..

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Priyadarshan said...

Hi,accidentally saw this blog.Are u the real payal rohatgi.