Sunday, December 21, 2008

my sunday

hi guys,

its a lovely sunday and i am loving the peace and serenity in my before i performed at indian telly awards and as soon as my performance got over i headed for home , i guess i am still scared about the terror attacks mumbai went through and i feel safe only at fact its a irony that my mom , my biggest critic has still not been able to see my last release Dil kabaddi as i had forbidden her to go to the theatres back home in ahmedabad..i guess when you see something like 26/11 only thing that matters to one is family..

My younger brother has got a swelling in his lower back putting him to complete bed rest for a month as thus making my family a bit hyper.. but doc says he is tall and sometimes it happens.. he was planning to give his mba entrance exams during this i guess i trust my God to look after me and my family as sometimes everything that he plans is the way life is..

and i am enjoying my new life as a single meeting all my old friends and catching up with them but not in 5 stars for sure:)