Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MY FILM DHOL TV promos started

o god ,, thank you so much pls.. finally the tv promos of my film by PRIYADARSHAN DHOL's television promos started and me their in it :)
august 6th is the date i came to know and saw myself on tv after more than 1 and half year... touchwood and thank god as he is their.. film's confirmed release on september 21st..
i actually jumped and screamed and called up nani, mom, and dad to say this...sorry to sound like a child but frankly its been like an exile since last 2 years fighting my battle alone , working hard and hard and just praying.. as i cant force anyone it has to happen on its own, either i am worth it or not..
also a thank you to all those who stood by me, believed in me...i will always remember this for the rest of my life as i know this was the worst phase of my career fighting my own brand..
thank you and god bless