Sunday, December 21, 2008

my sunday

hi guys,

its a lovely sunday and i am loving the peace and serenity in my before i performed at indian telly awards and as soon as my performance got over i headed for home , i guess i am still scared about the terror attacks mumbai went through and i feel safe only at fact its a irony that my mom , my biggest critic has still not been able to see my last release Dil kabaddi as i had forbidden her to go to the theatres back home in ahmedabad..i guess when you see something like 26/11 only thing that matters to one is family..

My younger brother has got a swelling in his lower back putting him to complete bed rest for a month as thus making my family a bit hyper.. but doc says he is tall and sometimes it happens.. he was planning to give his mba entrance exams during this i guess i trust my God to look after me and my family as sometimes everything that he plans is the way life is..

and i am enjoying my new life as a single meeting all my old friends and catching up with them but not in 5 stars for sure:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

rocking life

hey guys,
dil kabaddi got released this friday, its a funny adult film, but i guess critics have been very mean to it.. apart from taran adarsh and rajeev masand and subhash k jha i dont even consider others as critics :)
well some of them have called my character loud and bimebette but excuse me that was the character that i was suppossed to play in the film... my real side was at bigg boss, and that's the reason i did the show..
was i loud and a bimbette there my dear critics...???

NO and so please if you guys cant be anyone's godfather atleast dont discourage someone who is working hard to work in great setups with interesting characters and move up the career graph..

frankly i dont even care as i received complimentary messages and calls from the likes of irfan khan who v all atleast acknowledge to be a great actor, well that matters..

Also am waiting for my family to see the film, specially my mom but have still told her not to go to a multiplex yet due to these terror acts..i am still under shock and frightened to that fact that 10 terrorists walked inside taj from a boat and carried AK 47 and grenades with themselves.. dont know whether to laugh at our judicial system or cry at the stupidity of people handling top positions in our country..

well guys do catch dil kabaddi whenever you get to go to a multiplex..
and thankyou to all the balalnce 80% people who loved my character and understood that I was acting .. remember it was really difficult playing this girl kaya who does not know the difference between sex and sensex..:)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

my experience in big boss

hi everyone,
Am very glad that am out from big boss at this stage as i had stayed enough in the house.. Their were people from different backgrounds and sensibilities and it was difficult for me to continue living their personally anymore.. But on a positive professional note am very thankful to Bigg Boss for giving me that kind of visibility and popularity which none of my film has given me till now..

Regarding all conterversies surrounding me ,
1. sambhavna was in fact the most abusive person on the show which everyone saw from day one.. she and ishaan ji would write my name on floor and kick it on show which i guess everyone saw, she did nominate me initially also on show..So why this hue and cry about me nominating her but all is fair as its was a game for me. My calling her 'downmarket' one day was when i had reached my saturation and patience levels with her and i could not take her nonsense anymore but this was blown out of proportion for whatever reasons on show.. All i say it was a game show but v are real people with different ways of thinking and different saturation levels..I tolerated her enough but when i could not i reacted.. I regret nothing but from where i am coming from i even apologised for my one statement to someone who used to abuse everyday on the show to everyone..

2. Regarding me being called 'fake' all i want to say that everyone knew they are on national tv , me just being honest in expressing it..I made sure i looked good and dressed well as i have been in the industry for sometime and gone through my own grooming so when am on such a popular tv show then why should i look like a maid..:)

i never do makeup in the night as that would spoil my skin, but i looked after my skin and hair to maximum levels as v were in an extreme physical shooting condition and my skin is very sensitive and prone to allergy fast.. i dont find anything wrong in it as afterall am the face in front of camera..

3. Regarding my ' transformation' all i can say is that i went through various emotional ups and downs (inspite of knowing that am on camera:) like everyone else did ) so that's as simple as that..

i never ' backstabbed' anyone like pooja ji said as all of the contestants were my competitors from day one and not my 'best friends'.. it was a game and i did nominate whom i could with my own reasoning and if that reasoning was wrong it would not have been accepted by BIGG BOSS himself during the nomination process..Only rahul mahajan i considered my friend as i know him from 7 years so i maintained my loyalty towards him and he towards me in terms of our friendship.

4. yes i do feel pooja was being difficult with me on my 'aakri salam' but i dont want to take this issue beyond this as maybe she was just doing her job. But yes i was hurt no doubt with her behaviour towards me which i felt was biased..

5. regarding monica all i can say is who is she to talk about my dignity on making my second entry on this show again when she herself was (no comments )

6. regarding my relation with rahul all i can say is that v have been friends for long so v took the liberty of fighting and doing masti with each other on the show..i am a very emotional person and was very sensitive about his nominations whenever they happened as i wish well for him.. But my personal equation with him other than this is our personal matter which is none of anyone's business..

I am very serious about my career and have struggled enough to reach this position without any support system so I value my work and family above anything..

6..My personal apologies to anyone whom i might have hurt intentionally or unintentionally on BIGG BOSS show as it was a game show after all..For me the game show is over as i am back to my films and family..

7. My personal thanks to BIGG BOSS for giving me the opportunity to get this kind of popularity and visibility which has already acted as a catalsyst in my bollywood career starting with BEST ACTRESS award which was given to me on the last evening of this show for my acting in the play where all contestants had acted..

thank you

god bless everyone

lots of love
payal rohatgi

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My friend

hey its my 100th post,, and i just felt like writing today..
its about my friend..
V had gone to Shirdi few days back , Shani mandir and Tribakeshwar..

He gets so happy with my interviews and news of my upcoming film that it feels great to feel that feeling..he was my friend 6 years back and now still he is my best friend and i guess me his..

the best thing is that v both want each other to be successful independent of each other and also together ..

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


hi guys,

all great my end.. My home renovation mostly done,, looking great.. lots of things happening in my life so its been difficult writing but in all time's good..Am very happy...
But what's bothering me is the bomb blasts in gujarat as my family stays in Ahmedabad and this news is constantly worrying me.. I so dont understand this game of terrorism ...
Pray God takes care of all of us..

Sunday, June 29, 2008

lovely sunday

hi ,,

its a rainy sunday and me have to go to my film song shoot to mudhisland ...But its last day wrapup shoot of the film so looking forward to it.. went to Osians exhibition on ABC series on art/cinema/books day before and it felt amazing.. the posters of film's like Charulata,Kagaz ke phool, Anarkali were breathtaking..will be buying them soon , not only because of its beauty but also as a good investment :)
Did i tell you guys that my home renovation going on and am staying in town these days so am exposed to immense travelling which is a real pain....Mumbai traffic is just so stagnant and always their ... i hope the building of flyovers helps but i presume it might lead to more traffic too...
well have to run now...
take care

Saturday, June 7, 2008


hi everyone ,,
its again been a while since i got to the computer, but life is on a different tangent these days,, its fun and maybe i am liking going with this flow for a change..its started raining in mumbai and its refreshing.. my film opposite irfan khan titled DIL KABADDI and its taken over by Studio 18 and has a september 5th release..
lot of other things happening as home going through complete renovation ..
Family was here for a month , mom , naniji and i honestly took good care of and boyfriend planning a Goa trip soon ... Well the word boyfriend sounds funny to me too but am frankly not thinking right now,,, just liking this phase.. lets see how long it lasts..:)
i spoke to my dad again and it was casual..
in all being grateful to god but yes v all go through changes at some point of our lives -- good and bad and i guess understanding that is the essence of life...

take care and enjoy the rains and romance in air..:)
love you

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


am very very happy... i love films but i also now feel human as i have got feelings for someone special....i cant say it will last but i like this man... so much that it amazes me.. God bless him for making me feel this way even for this .............
God has his ways of being their.. life is the best now... My family happy and i am happy from this moment...:)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

hi all of you...
its a gr8 sunday,, watched 'y tu mama tambien' ----- awesome film ,,, did open my horizons... but i guess indian films will take a time to get to such finery and yet being honest....
in fact so many work calls coming in that now i definetely believe in Almightly and He has a plan for all of us... also i am going clubbing today , but will not say where and with whom...)
Just wanna say thank you for making me reach this present status as even this is appreciable..i am working very hard to make my momma very proud of me...Met a very dear friend after long.. he is such a sweet human being and i wish him all the blessings ...
my second shoot schedule starting soon..keep you posted..

take care
lots of love

payal rohatgi

Friday, March 14, 2008


SYNOPSIS about PAYAL ROHATGI Career details as of 2008

PAYAL ROHATGI, a computer engineer by degree started her modeling career by Femina Miss India 2000 pageant... She stood 9th in the pageant. But later that year she went to represent India in SUPERMODEL MISS TOURISM WORLD 2001 in Medline, South America and even won the pageant. Soon after the pageant the lady who comes from a middle class family in Ahmedabad shifted her base to Mumbai and start doing lot of prestigious advertisements like Dabur, Jaguar Bath Panel, Nescafe, etc with reputed Adv. Filmmakers in the industry.

Then she acted in her 1st Bollywood film YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI, produced by Harry Baweja, directed by Hansal Mehta. She played one of the LEAD female characters in the film as was nominated in STARDUST YOUNG ACHEIVERS AWARD – NEW MENACE 2002 category that year...

After that she did a couple of films like PLAN, RAKTH, and POLICE FORCE as an actress but somehow she was lost in the already established star cast of these films...

Then the lady acted in TAUBA TAUBA in 2004 in the year where BOLD, SMALL films were made and accepted by audiences. She played the heroine... The script was good and the film did reasonably well too.

Then came 36 CHINA TOWN with MUKTA ARTS banner which was directed by ABASS MUSTAN in 2005 end where she was offered a role opposite Paresh Rawalji but it was a murder mystery with lot of senior stars like Shahid Kapoor , Kareena Kapoor , and Akshaye Khanna. She says ‘Though Paresh ji is a lot my senior I accepted the role as I knew this film would give me a platform to get back to Proper Commercial cinema.’

Soon came an ITEM SONG in MADHUR BHANDARKAR film CORPORATE 2006 and the song “O SIKANDER “ became a big hit in that year due to which she started doing a lot of shows getting a lot of proper visibility..

After that she did 2 commercials with PRADEEP SARKAR, one with AMITABH BACHCHANji for Eveready battery and another with VIRENDRA SEHWAG for Dabur …

Now its PRIYADARSHAN film DHOL where she has played a good role of a singer and is paired opposite Arbaaz Khan...
DHOL has her with her age group stars like Tushar kapoor, Sharman Joshi, Kunal Khemmu, and Tanushree Dutta... But this time as assured v did not see that loud makeup, garish clothes complimenting her but a NEW PRETTY LOOK in the film...
She has been consistent in her interviews saying that PRIYAN sir wanted her to look as she looked in real life on reel screen too.)

This is about her LOOK getting sorted which v saw from her NEW PRETTY pictures also being splashed all over media these days . Not to forget her SPECIAL APPEARANCE opposite RITESH DESHMUKH in Sajid Nadiadwala’s film HEYY BABYY which released on august 24th 2007 where everyone was surprised to see her...

Talking about DHOL as this was her only film release this year 2007. The film got released on 21st September 2007 all over. Payal rohatgi’s character as ‘Sophie’ is being appreciated by all as a sincere attempt by the lady to prove herself as a actress in proper commercial cinema.

She has started shoot on her latest bollywood feature film opposite an awesome hero and in a gr8 setup of costars. In this film she plays the character of an aerobic instructor. More details to follow soon as her shooting gets complete.

Payal feels ‘Bollywood has been my singular passion in life. It allows me to express my freedom. It is Unconventional, Unpredictable, Uncertain and that's why it excites me. I consider it My world of dreams, My space where I love myself, My image, My existence. It is my space to relive the moments of my life- Good and Bad. And frankly the love and affection that I get at the end of it all humbles me...

I grew up in a challenging environment in a middle class family..No one ever expected me to be a topper but I ranked Top 10 in the entire Gujarat state in my HSC..Noone ever expected me to make it in Bollywood but i did..All i ever wanted is to earn the respect and recognition I deserve not just for myself but for my mom and nanaji who always believed in me..

I realise i have made mistakes in the past but have learned from them and emerged stronger..Every movie,every role,every experience has made me more mature and effective as an actor.I have in Me what it takes to be an award winning actor..I am born to act and my Time is now '..

V wish the lady all the best for her second innings in the film industry...

IMBD page:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


hi went to siddivinayak yesterday.. gr8 darshan of ganeshji... i love him and had pedda's as my prasad...
this was my first visit to mandir inspite of staying in mumbai for 4 my mom said ganeshji is happy with me..
infact am in a gr8 space with myself these days... :)
started gyming which is good and best part about it is Spinning which also i tried now...All new things happening and life's rocking...
love you all:)

Friday, March 7, 2008


hi been a while since i wrote...sorry was busy shooting this awesome film which i will tell you after my 2nd schedule... getting filmy:)
completed my 1st schedule and my director and co stars who much experienced than me happy with my work..
Things seem changing as i have stopped asking for good work,, am good at my job so now they need to call.. No hurry no rush..But calls for good work coming in more frequency now.. Just this one film on floor .. lets see where else i may close soon..
feel like going out these days but no not in this city... dont have friends also anymore.. lets see will take a vacation soon after this coming during Holi to see me.. I just love her and her sincerity in loving me...
Also got a call from my brother today morning that in some paper i was referred as Item girl...well cant change everyone's thought process about me and niether does a publicist help...I need my work as an actor to speak more.. , Corporate Film song got me lot of publicity ,,,, in the similar way Dhol role did not as an actor..But my showreel looking much better now :)
am a player of long run dear and slowly but steadily it getting better...

wanna fall in love but nothing worth my while:):)
take care
payal rohatgi

Friday, January 11, 2008