Sunday, March 16, 2008

hi all of you...
its a gr8 sunday,, watched 'y tu mama tambien' ----- awesome film ,,, did open my horizons... but i guess indian films will take a time to get to such finery and yet being honest....
in fact so many work calls coming in that now i definetely believe in Almightly and He has a plan for all of us... also i am going clubbing today , but will not say where and with whom...)
Just wanna say thank you for making me reach this present status as even this is appreciable..i am working very hard to make my momma very proud of me...Met a very dear friend after long.. he is such a sweet human being and i wish him all the blessings ...
my second shoot schedule starting soon..keep you posted..

take care
lots of love

payal rohatgi


Ravi said...

It's a good thing that you've started updating your blog more often now, mam :)

Take care n All The Best!



eternalromantic said...

All the best for Holi and Easter. You desrve the best.

eternalromantic said...

All the best for Holi and Easter. You desrve the best.

starwin said...

Hi Payal, I have always found you a terrific performer. Just hang in there and do good work. You are the best

aroop said...

good to see that you have found a taste in foreign cinema.. here are a few that you might enjoy watching
1. Man bites Dog (very satirical approach to how far ppl will go to become popular)
2. Cinema Paradiso (if you havent seen it already..then you have no idea what you are missing)
3. Irreversible (a film popular for all the wrong reasons..look past it and you will see a gem..only 8 scenes)
4. Children's of Heaven - films cant get simpler than these
5. Mariah full of Grace - Just watch it
6. Sympathy for Mr Vengeance- a kidnapping gone horribly wrong
7. Audition- funniest family drama.

so much for now, will send you more later, take care and god bless