Saturday, April 18, 2009

hello 1982

hi everyone,

Been crazily in work meetings and narrations.. Have closed one film -bollywood as the leading lady and talks are on for a cross over film..But just waiting for my character graph their as i am not interested in doing blink-an-miss roles :)

Made an work appearance for launch TIMES Food Guide magazine in Ahmedabad...It was fun meeting up my family again...Also went for the inaguration of 'The Regale' by Tunga hotels yesterday in mumbai.. Good place to hang out if you have missed your flight:) as it is located in andheri east...
Its really hot these days in mumbai and v all are experiencing global warming , so v need to do something about it..

And yes not to forget v need to cast our vote ...Please for better INDIA v need to make an effect towards working towards it..

And i love the Congress party , no controversies :) Just that rahul gandhi and priyanka gandhi are a breathe of fresh air..

And lastly am in my mid twenties so guys stopping going crazy writing blogs about my age...
Go get a life...(for those who have written blogs about my age)