Monday, May 11, 2009

Delhi trip

hi :)
its summer time and i am just back from delhi.. Had been visiting the capital for Grihalaxmi kitty party event and Times Food guide and nightlife awards 2008 function.. It was great fun as women were chatting up with me about my reality show appearance and how they loved me in it and so were children.. Infact had small children come up with flowers to woo me :)
Their was some Aajtak journo who addressed me as item girl and i took her case , well its been 3 years since i did my item song in corporate , so why type cast me??? She was a woman herself so seemed odd for her attitude..
All in all good experience of my trip but the heat man is maddening..I heard it rained yesterday so feel happy for the delhities :)
Also went out partying with some of my friends at a nightclub in delhi called nasha during my stay ...Rocked after really long:)