Tuesday, March 11, 2008


hi went to siddivinayak yesterday.. gr8 darshan of ganeshji... i love him and had pedda's as my prasad...
this was my first visit to mandir inspite of staying in mumbai for 4 my mom said ganeshji is happy with me..
infact am in a gr8 space with myself these days... :)
started gyming which is good and best part about it is Spinning which also i tried now...All new things happening and life's rocking...
love you all:)


Ravi said...

Hi Payal,

It's good to see your article after ages, mam :)

I was wondering, where have you been and then today, I got your article in my Google Reader!

Please update your blog more frequently, as you have one devoted fan in me..

Take care n God Bless :)



wgm said...

nice to hear that you liked the temple.... fills one with humility whn we visit such places... with regards to your previous post.... i'd say good going gurl!!! stick to it, u'll get nice work..... i see a lot of english doing rounds in the city... i recommend you should catch them too!!! better than same 'ol crappy movies... :)