Thursday, May 17, 2007


so here i was now faced with working on my looks and sort out my clothes as it was in a mess.. i realised though being a part of a big banner does not tak care of everything ,as an ACTOR i need to understand what looks good on me and what does not.. i learnt saying NO.. i am the face in front of the camera , and trust me noone asks why this is wrong or that, all that matters is the end result which is ME.. i have to look good and deliver..

i got rid of my entire wardrobe and met up with this lady designer VIOLET MONIS who worked on my look honestly i admit.. one year since this process started i think i am much sorted now..
but still long way to go,,, growth is a never ending process...

lets see how critics and audiences react to PRIYAN sir film DHOL.. i think i look good ,, made best choices of options available regarding makeup,hair, clothes with my learning of 1 year and yes experience of my director whom i profusely THANK for this role.. its a nice role , mild yet i think got shades to it..

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