Thursday, May 17, 2007


well i believe in GOD and that HE has a plan for me.. i started from nowhere to think of, with 10000 rupees to leave ahmedabad where i was brought up my entire childhood to come to mumbai post MISS INDIA paegent.. no one to tell me the difference between good work and not -so- good work, all advicing me according to their benefits or fee commissions.. trust me have done a lot of work and the experience that i have achieved is amazing and i sincerely THANK all who were involved to get me whatever work they could as i believe human intentions are always good..
I always feel need to continue working , being in front of the camera as that's what brings a smile to my face.. but the not-so-good work is taking its time to wear off.. maybe it has 60%, but still this last 40% is taking its toll on me.. you know an actor needs to act , its like a medicine but i guess GOD wants me to take it a bit easy now.. i know he has great plans to make me busy 24*7 soon..
i went to HARIDWAR one day..stayed in a nice place and went to see the 16 diya AARTI that happens on the ghats of ganga mata in the evenings..i wore a simple salwar-kurti with duppata covering my head .. just did not want any undue attention .. i stood in one corner watching this magnificient scene when a small girl pointed a finger at me saying i was PAYAL ROHATGI from 36 CHINA TOWN.. i smiled - that was the power of a BIG BANNER BOLLYWOOD film..
and that resolved my decision that I will be seen only in big setups..

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ravindra said...

Your humility in the face of so much glamour and achievement is really touching. That you let your fans like me to have a peep into your world through this blog is truly amazing. It is a sweet favour to all of us.