Tuesday, June 26, 2007


hi had been in delhi for a few days.. had a performance at a corporate - Real Estate Awards function as well as i met my dad after nearly 4 years..
it was quite a meeting as the moment i saw him i started crying, he looked fragile and very thin.. their was tears in his eyes too.. i made him sit , he got me biscuits - protein ones to take with me.. v chatted about my transition, he said he was proud i was doing it so well without any support system.. i smiled as i was not in much talking mood..
you know, my earlier side of my personality was a reflection of my relation with my father, too much insecurity and being alone in this glad i could fight my own demons as every event in our life happens for a reason.. and i feel as if i can see between various situations that occurred in my life to make me the person that i am's way to teach you - never blame anyone for your actions, and love cannot be forced..
i clicked photos with him , frankly for my emotional requirement, but i feel much at ease now with my conscience..i hope that he feels the same.. as at the end of the day he is my dad..


ravindra said...

I am so glad that you had this emotionally satisfying and fulfilling meeting with your father. It is a kind of renewal and supreme healing. Savour and cherish the moment.

ravindra said...

Read the write up on you in Times of India today. Gr8. Simplicity and brilliance of your soul shines through every word.