Sunday, September 16, 2007

GANAPATI JI came to my home

hi its been a while since i wrote.. just been busy trying to make sure all goes well as DHOL is releasing next week all over..pretty calm now...) as nothing more can be done..

in fact i celeberated ganpati mahotsvav for the 1st time in my home.., just felt like and mom said ganpatiji wants to come to your home so call him with all your heart and leave things to him.. i managed puja but as all this was last moment so ganpatiji forgive me if anything went wrong...

my naniji and my brother had been visiting me,, and now i am back to my work..) and you all..

i am calm now, as all my efforts regarding my transition have been done.. its upto you and upto god now to decide my worth..

god bless to all and happy ganesh utsav to all..May ganeshji bring happiness and success to all ..


Anonymous said...

Hey Payal,

Simply love your smile - There is something magical abt it...Anyways goodluck with your new release "DHOL" .. Am sure it will be a grand success for you..

Cheers !!

P.S - Have seen all your movies and think you are a really cool !!

Anonymous said...

Are you a Comp Engg? Great, if true. Beauty with brains.

And guts too ........ since you chose to work in showbiz after securing a degree which could secure your life to a large extent.

I am a Comp Engg myself. And I admire people like you who follow their heart and not degrees.

Pls drop me an email at I need a small favour from you. Do it without fail. You wont regret.