Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday :)

hello everyone ,

Hope you guys in mumbai are enjoying the rains.. well i agree my writing has not been pretty regular but just been caught up with too many things.. Yesterday the news of MJ's death shook us all as he was just 50 years old and planning a comeback tour 'this is it' from july 13th in london..But life had its own plan for him and it was such a sad news as now the Peter Pan of Pop music is no more their.. For me it was also a sad news though am not such a great fan of music but MJ was someone with whom everyone related and was aware off..Reports say excessive use of 'demerol' the painkiller that he used , all i say that sometimes inorder to maintain an image v go haywire and that is what needs to be controlled..Life is too precious and if v dont have that then whats the point of all this fame and success...May his soul rest in peace..

In terms of what i have doing is this week had to visit a ngo called 'jeevan dhara' where drug addicts and alcoholics are treated free of cost and I got to see the struggle that these people go through ..Life is not so easy and v think v have all the problems :) Some of these guys had been clean for years but were still finding difficulty in getting jobs for themselves or acceptance back from their family members... This is sad as v wanted them to change and when these addicts do become clean v dont have the guts to accept them.. This is another example of hypocrite Indian Society and v should seriously do something about this..

June 26th is the 'world anti drug ' day and i had lost a friend prieti in college to this addiction so I get pretty close to this cause as it rakes up past memories..But life had its own way of teaching us lessons and v should thank God that v get to learn something from it..

I think v should all do something for these people in whatever way v shelter, job or emotional support as these people need it all...


Anonymous said...

Why your pics are in tiny size?

Did you grow up in Ahmedabad?

Sneh said...

Hi Payal, I am big fan of your. For me u r the true Big Boss winner. wish u all the best.. when is ur next movie is coming?..


chirag_360 said...


I do share your concern with the whole addiction episode that is gripping the nation in recent times. Acceptance in society is something that these people grapple with and this is certainly disheartening.

Good Job ! social responsibility among people with a broader social stature is always delightful to see.


pradeep said...

Hi PAYAL,u look very beautiful:)

Kushal raghav said...

yaar . u looks good... mast lag rahi ho ek dum.. bole to bindaas . jhakas, fandoo.. kattu...

pras said...

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