Monday, April 5, 2010

Sometimes silence is not golden

Hi there,

Its been a while since i wrote my blog.. Well was busy with home and work.. Today i had to express myself as if idont then certain sections of journalists will continue talking nonsense about others just because they think they have the power of pen...

There is a article on Ipl post party today in midday paper where they have reported the 30th march 2010 ipl party details.. Its by this shweta shiware or on that page only this journo name printed.. First of all the whole article in negative light , starts from her bitching about the venue to entrance to walking on slope..Listen noone forced her to come and if she did move her mighty self there then atleast beappreciative of the hosts instead of talking nonsense.. She took a direct attack at me which bothered me as to who the hell this woman thinks herself to be... Some frustrated wannabe who herself came to mumbai to become an actress and is reduced to doing a mere job of a journo and dying in envy everyday looking at the life she cant afford.. As only this can explain her downmarket approach..

She calls my Wendell rodricks outfit , a synthetic dress bought from a oshiwara boutique... Sorry i guess there is where you shop darling) as i dont... She calls my silver neckpeice a complete faux pass well she the picture again or you yourself have passed from some fashion institute to judge designer fashion... NO dear your attitude of yellow journalism sucks completely.. You dont like me as an actor fine but who gave you the right to call me wannabe and starlet....??????

Guess you need to go to my imdb page and check out my films done and reality show i participated in...Sorry i dont have a Salman khan boyfriend who recommends me everywhere and i get films in a language which i cant even speak or dance...I come from a middle class family and my journey is MINE...So dont even get personal again with me or then it will be WAR..As i am not some uneducated idiot who is desperate but a computer engineer who knows what she is doing...
And you mentioned about me holding a glass then you could have also come and smelled the contents ... Because i dont drink in work area so dont try to portray a picture of me which you must be doing as your writeup shows you must be having high levels of alcohol in your system when writing that stupid article..

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